Why We Don’t Practice on Moon Days:

It is the tradition in Ashtanga Yoga to rest from asana practice on new and full moon days. The reason being that the sun and the moon are in a line relative to the position of the earth. Consequently, their gravitational forces are all combined, and thus the effect of the planets more pronounced. One definitive effect of this is that the ocean’s tides are higher and lower on these days. When asana practice is done daily, rest days are important for regeneration; and the extra biweekly ‘moon day’ comes as a welcomed respite.

Moon Days 2018

Wednesday, January 17
Wednesday, January 31

Friday, February 16
Friday, March 2

Saturday, March 17
Saturday, March 31

Monday, April 16
Monday, April 30

Tuesday, May 15
Tuesday, May 29

Thursday, June 14
Thursday, June 28

Friday, July 13
Saturday, July 28

Saturday, August 11
Sunday, August 26

Monday, September 10
Tuesday, September 25

Tuesday, October 9
Wednesday, October 24

Wednesday, November 7
Friday, November 23

Friday, December 7
Saturday, December 22



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